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Safe Fire Rating Information
Safe Fire Rating Information

When it comes to fire protection nobody does it better than American Security Products! AMSEC has developed products that earned the stringent Underwriters Laboratories UL ½ hr., 1 hr. and 2 hr. fire endurance classifications and have tested and certified a 45 min., 90 min. and 2 hr. series gun safes with Intertek ETL, the industry’s leading independent laboratory for gun safe fire testing. When comparing fire ratings it is important to understand the following:

  • Be sure to weigh reports from independent laboratories against unverified factory testing.
  • Consumers looking for real fire protection should consider a safe that has been tested and certified by either Underwriters Laboratories UL or Intertek Laboratories ETL.
  • Verify the fire curve. Did the furnace hold its specified temperature early on in the test or ramp up near the end? A true 2 hr. fire test should show that within 8 minutes, the furnace temperature was raised to 1200° F, and that temperature was maintained for the remainder of the two-hour test.
  • What type of door seals does the product offer? The best seal is a Palusol™ door seal that expands to 7 times its size when temperatures reach 212 degrees, sealing off both heat and smoke. Some top end products use dual seals utilizing a silicone seal as first defense protecting the safe until the Palusol™ seal performs its task.