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Fireproof Document Bag

Fireproof Document Bags

Fireproof document bags have an ultra-strength, reinforced zipper ensuring no external conditions reach your documents. Waterproof silicone coating protects documents from water damage, and an impenetrable, double layer fiberglass heat shield fireproofs the interior from 2000°fires. The dimensions are 11″ x 15″ which will fit most standard and legal documents. Our fire safe document bag is the perfect design to travel with and store safely and conveniently.


Fireproof Briefcase

Fireproof Briefcase

Extra Large Capacity with U-shaped Opening: Extra large capacity at 17″ x 12″ x 6″ provides more than enough room for documents, laptops, money, passports, jewelry and other valuables. Unlike most fireproof bags, our unique U-shaped bag opening makes it easy to store legal-sized and A4 documents, binders and large items in the spacious bag.

Built-in TSA-Approved Lock: With the built-in TSA-approved combination lock integrated into the bag, there is no need to purchase an external lock. Confidently grab and go with your valuables safely stowed in the bag.

Advanced Material: Built with liquid Silicone-coated fiberglass fabric and PVC-coated fiberglass fabric.

Designed for Convenience: Built with sturdy handle for easy carrying, reflective lining to make it easily visible in the dark with a flashlight from any angle, adjustable shoulder strap and strong velcro flap.

Fireproof Pouch

Fireproof Pouch

Protect Cash and Documents: Imagine losing not only your home in a fire, but your hard earned cash along with it? This Fireproof bag for documents and money ensure that you and your family’s documents are safe in the event of a fire or flood.

Fireproof up to 2000°F: An average house fire ranges between 1500°F to 1800°F. These fire safe money bags with zipper ensure your essential papers are protected whilst you evacuate. Keep cash safe with a fire proof money bag.

Superior Fireproof Design: Don’t settle for a fire proof money bag pouch that could jeopardize your important documents. We’ve done our research, consulting professionals to create fire safe money pouches for cash that are unmatched.

Made to Protect: Our fireproof money holder for cash has an ultra-strength, reinforced water resistant zipper. Waterproof coating protects documents from water damage, and double layer fiberglass heat shield fireproofs the interior up to 2000°F.