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Visual Intercom Systems

Protecting the workplace has never been more vital.  Know who’s at the door before allowing visitor entrance.  Reed’s Lock & Access Control Systems offers Sales, Installation and Service of a wide array of intercom & visual intercom systems.

Intercom & Visual Intercom Systems offer security solutions for:

Schools • Apartments & Condominiums • Office Buildings • High-Rise Complexes Dormitories & Campus Housing
Mixed-Use Building • Senior & Assisted Living Communities

  • Secure access to restricted areas within a building by using the video door stations at interior locations
  • Enhance overall building security with vandal-resistant video door stations at perimeter gates and outdoor entrances.
  • Protect front and rear doorways, loading docks, and service entries with video door stations.
  • Access Control Integration – Control door strikes or magnetic door locks via master stations
  • Selectively use master stations to call all other master, door, and sub stations throughout facility.
  • Master stations can use All Call and Group Call features between other master stations
  • Unlock doors with a telephone or cell phone!

Benefits Include:
Retain Quality Residents
Increase Property Value
Reliable, Dependable Product

Contact us to design and install the system right for your business!